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Daily News - 15th June 2011 - Psychonauts, Wii U and Halo: Anniversary

Double Fine Now Totally Own Psychonauts

Psychonauts is generally considered one of the best games ever made, which is why this news is kinda exciting. Double Fine already owned the rights to the Psychonuts brand but if you've bought the game recently (whether on xbox Live or on steam) the money went to the publisher Majesco. Well, not any more, as Double Fine now own the publishing rights to Psychonauts aswell. The news has people jazzed about the possibility of a sequel but this doesn't autonatically mean a sequel ill come. It's surely more likely than ever now though!

HD Psychonauts? Yes please!Halo: Anniversary To Come With Special Original Xbox-Style Controller?!?

343 Industries, the people behind Halo: Anniversary are toying with the idea of including a remodelled xbox 360 controller with their special edition, not a massive surprise until they start dropping hints it'd be modelled after the original xbox's controller. It was possibly the worsld's worst controller, but this is probably the only context it would ever make sense to want to own one. I guess. Maybe. Ish.

They called it The Duke for a reason...Wii U To Contain No DVD or Blu Ray Player

Seems like a weird move by Nintendo, it would surely only increase the console's price by about £5. Still, they probably know what they're doing. I guess. Probably. Ish.

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