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Daily News - 16th June 2011 - Wii U, Kinect and Minecraft 360

Nintendo Could Have Shown Way More Wii U Games At E3

Apparently the Wii U developer kits Nintendo sent out to developers pre-E3, had been underclocked by the developers themselves in order to get out demos for E3, which basically means they were limited to how good they could look. Nintendo felt that if the demos didn't show the games being looking better than the Xbox or PS3 then they had to atleast show off the Wii U's unique functionality, which is why Ubisoft's Killer Freaks From Outer Space and Ghost Recon: Online were shown. My best guess would be that this probably means the Wii U is capable of better-then-the-current-consoles' graphics and Nintendo were hoping to show this off at E3. Instead they had to settle for footage from the Xbox and PS3 versions. Ah well Nintendo, there's always next year!

Killer Freaks From Outer Space - Talk about having to settle...Microsoft Release Kinect SDK

Since it's release, Kinect users have been hacking the software to do all sorts of awesome, unofficial stuff that show off the insane things the Kinect is capable of. Well now Microsoft have released the Kinect Software Development Kit (or SDK for short) which will let budding Kinect hackers make their hacks available to other users. Microsoft have been smart about this, they saw people were hacking Kinect and decided to roll with it. Pretty sneaky, Microsoft.

A brief example of a Kinect hack in action4J Studios Responsible For Minecraft Xbox 360 Port

You may not recognise the name 4J studios, but they've been responsible for all of Rare's N64-to-XBLA ports aswell as the team that ported Oblivion to PS3, so porting is kinda their "thing". I reckon they can be trusted to do a good enough job, I have no fondness for Minecraft though, so as it turns out I don't actually care... still, news is news!

Chunky but pretty, at the very least

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