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Daily News - 17th and 18th June 2011 - £150 Portal 2 DLC and Steam And EA's Little Tiff

£150 Will Buy You A Weird PC Controller And Some Portal 2 DLC

Valve promised us some free Portal 2 DLC when the game launched and thus far... nothing. Nothing from Valve anyway! A few days ago a company called Sixense Studios released a 10 level pack for Portal 2. "Great!" you may say, but the snag (and there's almost always a snag) is that you'll need to invest in a controller that'll end up costing you a tasty £150. The controller seems quite nifty, letting you warp objects in the world. I'll put a video from the level pack below, along with a picture of the controller. Pretty superfluous sentence as you can probably see those things below right now... great stuff.

If you think it looks weird, you're right!

EA And Steam Fall Out?...

A few days ago Steam pulled Crysis 2 and Alice: Madness Returns from sale, leaving people wondering why, and the only reason we were given was that terms of business had changed. Crytek, the makers of Crysis 2 apparently had an arrangement with somebody else and having the game on Steam violated that arrangement. Okay, so then what happened to the new Alice game? Well, we don't know. The game's back on sale now (though Crysis 2 remains absent from the service) and all we've heard is EA basically saying thanks to Steam for "letting" the game back on the service. I've got to wonder if this is all because EA are launching their own game download service: Origin. As long as we get all the games we wanna get, I'll be happy.

Alice is not amused!

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