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Daily News - 21st June 2011 - Wii U, Duke Nukem and Indie Game: The Movie

Wii U Won't Be Hugely More Powerful Than Xbox 360 And PS3

Shigeru Miyamoto (otherwise know as THE man) spoke to a game website recently and set about tempering your expectations for Wii U's graphical powers. His exact quote is:

"So I don't know that we would be able to sit here and say that it's going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now. It's part of the balance that we strike in terms of trying to find entertainment that is new and unique."

Relatively cryptic, but then we should be used to cryptic answers from Nintendo after all these years.

Still looks more than good enough for meTake Two Are Gonna Put Out More Duke Nukem Games

"Shocking news!" you may think sarcastically, but actually after the critical pounding it received it was by no means a done deal that we'd be getting more Duke Nukem. Presumably the game must be selling well, and to be honest, the game was kinda destined to be mess. Gearbox did the best with what they were given but I actually think that if they started a new Duke from scratch they're certainly talented enough to make a quality product. Take two CEO Strauss Zelnick said:

"We don’t really talk about it in detail but you will see future Duke IP coming from this company."

And then when he was asked about the game getting bad reviews he said the following:

"...when we put something out I stand behind it, and will not compromise. When you put all those things all together it’s difficult to be critical of the company. Because here in America, thank God, we have the ability to do what we want.

What is there left to be said? I’m sorry if you don’t like it. Don’t consume it."

Don't like the thought of more Duke? Blow it out your ass!!!

"Morningwood"...Great stuffIndie Game: The Movie Trailer Makes Me Extremely Happy

This trailer, for Indie Game: The Movie hit the internet and it fills my heart with such joy that I can't help but vomit rainbows... metaphorical ranbows ofcourse, in the form of a post on a website. I actually think the movie will be very compelling, making games on your own money is no small feat and these guys certainly don't make it sound easy, but it just adds to how compelling the subject matter is. If you've got a spare 90 seconds then take a look and then visit their website They haven't actually got the money to make the project fully happen yet but they're damn close right now. If you feel the need, you can donate some money, but if not, just look forward to it as much as I am!

Indie Game: The Movie Official Trailer from IndieGame: The Movie on Vimeo.

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