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Daily News - 29th June 2011 - I Am Alive, Limbo and Respawn Give Us A Teaser

I Am Alive Says "I Am Alive!!!"

I Am Alive is a game that's been seldom heard of in about 2 years now. The game's a survival horror set post-apocalypse and is being made by Darkworks, who made such gems as Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear (I've never heard of it either...). The game was thought cancelled a while ago but the Australian ratings board rated the game a 15 yesterday. Auastralia rates games alot sooner than the rest of the world, so the game won't be out soon, but it's always nice to hear stories about games coming back from the dead.

The world looks suitably fucked up, I guess that's a good thing for a game set after the apocalypse

Limbo Seems Destined For The PS3

Another ratings board blunder, this time from the Koreans, who rated a PSN version of the game. What's also interesting is that some NeoGAF (a gaming forum) users claimed to have found a Steam trailer for the game. It seems likely therefore that the game is set to go cross platform, which is great news! Limbo is not just a great downloadable game, it's one of the best games I've ever played outright... but more about that in an article I'm writing.

Limbo is probably the most atmospheric game I have ever played

Respawn Entertainment Tease Us With Vaseline

If you like your video games, you'll know that Respawn is a new game company made up of ex-Infinity ward employees (of Modern Warfare fame). Their first game, though confirmed as a sci-fi shooter, is an unknown quantity at this point. Well, yesterday they released their teaser website with an appropriately teasery image. It literally just looks like somebody just smeared vaseline over a camera lens and look a picture. Obviously internet conjecture is rife, with people saying maybe dinosaurs? but the real question is: What do you think?

What the fudge?!?

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