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Daily News - 5th June 2011 - E3 Press Conference Schedule and Expectations

So, here it is, at tea-time tomorrow (5:30pm on the 6th June 2011 to be precise!) we find out what the big game companies are gonna be making us buy for the next year or so. If like me you love the awesome press conferences, then you're gonna wanna sit there and watch them live whilst you eat your tea!

E3 Press Conferences:

Microsoft - 5:30pm - E3 Press Conference

Expectations: I fully expect them to make me want Gears Of War 3 pretty badly, and to announce a crazy new feature for Xbox Live. Aside from that, the great thing is I'm not sure what to expect! Which I suppose means I'm expecting it to be awesome!

It's gonna kick off so much!

EA - 8:30pm - E3 Press Conference

Expectations: Battlefield 3 will absolutely explode my brain and force me to change my pants more than once during the EA conference I expect, and Mass Effect 3 is going to be amazing regardless. EA could steal the show for me (if Nintendo's new console doesn't pull it out of the bag)


Ubisoft - 10:30pm - E3 Press Conference

Expectations: Ubisoft will not do anything for me. Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy games make me limper than Dale Winton's wrist, they'll have to show us something brand new to get a rise out of me.

Umm, logo?__________

Sony - Midnight - E3 Press Conference

Expectations: Sony. Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony. It's gonna be a carcrash. a carcrash followed by some 40 year old men trying to put the car back together. Be warned, the thing's scheduled to be 5 hours long so expect much apologising and freebies. The rumour is a concert of some kind, sounds like fun! The sony conference should be proper popcorn television!

If the Last Guardian makes an appaearance I'll be happy!

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