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Daily News - 8th July 2011 - This Year's "PAX 10" and Planetside Sequel In The Works

2011's "PAX 10"

Bottom line, if you wanna know what the big downloadable games for the next year will be, you pay attention to the PAX 10. The Penny Arcade Expo (Or PAX for short) is a show put on by the guys behind Penny Arcade where they highlight some of the lesser known games being worked on by smaller teams of people. It's a great oppurtunity for smaller games to get their moment in the spotlight, with past gems like Audiosurf and Super Meat Boy being part of the PAX 10 you can pretty much expect them to be pretty great. Here's the complete list:

  • A Flipping Good Time
  • Antichamber
  • Atom Zombie Smasher
  • Fez
  • Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony
  • Snapshot
  • Solar 2
  • Splatters
  • Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare
  • Word Fighter

This is Fez, your typical, awesome looking member of the PAX 10

Planetside 2 Is A Thing That's Happening

The original Planetside didn't light the world on fire but it made enough waves that thje announcement of a 2nd one is sure to turn heads. Planetside, if you didn't know, was a first-person shooter MMO with persistence amongst different player-inhabited factions for control of the planet. Sounds awesome right? Well the execution was a little off back in the day but there's still definite potential in the basic premise. Take a look at this trailer and see if it floats your boat. I'm definitely interested.

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