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Daily News - 11th July 2011 - Trenched In Trouble In Europe, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Gets Bafflingly Detailed and New Article

"Trench" Copyright Owner To Fight Microsoft Over Trenched

Last week news came out that Double Fine's newest game Trenched wasn't out in Europe yet because a Portugese board game already held the copyright to the name "Trench". Crazy stuff, but what's even crazier is that the guy who owns the Trench copyright intends to fight Microsoft over this, saying he intends to make his own "electronic game" under the Trench title, thus his unwillingness to comprimise. This sucks, because Trenched is supposed to be awesome, and I wanna play it. Sad faces all round!

Ahhh Trenched, you look like a game I wanna jump on and lick

Wanna Know More About Theatrhythm? Me Neither

I'm gonna make this short, because talking about this language-abortion hurts my brain. Theatrhythm will featured characters from every Final Fantasy game and you'll battle enemies by doing something rhythmically. That's pretty much all we know, except for the storyline, which is suitably mental:

Apparently, the space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as "Rhythm." "Rhythm" gives birth to the crystal which controls music, and fills the world with sound. However, the forces of chaos have disrupted the peace, and the crystal has begin to lose its shine. To restore the crystal's shine, the music wave "Rizpo" must be increased. And so, the warriors, guided by the crystal, begin their journey of music.

Uhh, fucking what?!? Please, just stop making this now, it makes me pull a frown face.

Decipher this if you can

And finally...

I wrote an article about my favourite XBLA games, what with the Summer Of Arcade just around the corner I thought it would be quite apt. hope you guys find it informative (if nothing else)

Xbox Live Arcade - The 10 Games You Should Already Own And Love

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