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Daily News - 30th June to 2nd July - Bungie Aerospace, Disney and Trenched

It's been a slow few days for news. No excuse for not updating the site though, sorry guys.

Bet You Can't Guess What "Bungie Aerospace" Is!

I'll tell you right now, it's not a game. It's a way for Bungie to help budding mobile and social game developers get their games out there. Weird, right?!? The first game is called Crimson and will be made by Harebrained Schemes, whose Creative Director is interestingly, the guy who came up with the I Love Bees ARG for Halo 2.

I'm not so sure this will be Bungie's best selling merch of all time...

Disney Close Down Black Rock Studio

Those of you that enjoyed Pure and Split/Second will be saddened by this news, but probably saw it coming a while ago. The company suffered pretty big lay-offs earlier in the year, and with no new games in the works this seemed somewhat inevitable. The good news is that Pure and Split/Second were both favourably reviewed so the team should do alright finding work. I wish them all the best, there are much worse games out there than the ones Black Rock has made, so fingers crossed they get to put there talents to work soon.

We haven't heard the last from these guys

XBLA Game Trenched Release Pushed Back Due To... Portugese Board Game?!?

So apparently, Doublefine's latest game Trenched isnt out in Europe yet because a Potugese Board Game is already called Trenched which prevents the game being able to be released in several European territories. The game was due to be out this week, and is in fact already out in America (to very good reviews aswell). The game features mech-based combat versus sentient TVs... yeah, needless to say I wanna play, but it's gonna be a while for us Europeans.

I wanna shoot TVs with a giant mech!!! Not fair!

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