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Daily News - 6th July 2011 - Sony "Online Pass" and The Worst 2 Game Names In History

As you may or may not be aware, the 4th of july occurred in America this week, meaning everybody in the USA got a massively long weekend... so awesome news has been running low lately... until now!!! Daily News Is Back!

Sony Wants You To Pay To Play 2nd Hand Games Online

Following the trend companies like EA have set with their sports games, Sony looks to give you a one-use code when you buy one of their first-party games (the first of which will be Resistance 3) which will allow you to play the game online. Ofcourse, this means that if you buy a Sony game second hand and want to play it online, then you'll have to shell out sonme extra money for a code. If other companies' models are anything to go by you're probably looking at about an extra £10ish to get your multiplayer on. Not a huge surprise, as the industry has been moving this direction for a while now, but it's still always a bummer when a new company jumps on the bandwagon.

Atleast Resistence 3 doesn't look terrible. Oh wait...

Meet The Newest Harmonix Trademark - "Vidrhythm"

Harmonix isn't one for subtle game names (Rock band, Dance Central) but let's be honest, "Vidrhythm" leaves a fucking LOT to the imagination. People are asking, but they're not telling, so it's left up to the video game community to pile conjecture on top of the name and eventually reach a consensus that nobody will like whatever it turns out to be. If I had to guess I'd say it's some kind of free-style visualizer where any movement detected on the Kinect will constitute following the rhythm, leaving you to whatever the fuck you want in time to the music. Let's be honest, I'm just stabbing in the dark around a bad game title, although it's not the worst new game name you'll read today...

Dance Central was a success, so I'm keeping my hopes up for Harmonix on this one.

Prepare Yourself For The Retarded Terribleness Of... "Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy"!!!

The worst name of anything in recent memory was revealed in the Japanese magazine Jump, and is described as a "theater rhythm game". Names like this make me physically angry in weird ways. I kind of feel it in my chest, and then in my stomach where it stews for a while, eventually coming out in outbursts hours later over pointless things like Deal Or No Deal or dropping an ice cube. It hurts my brain that anybody could be this stupid. It gives me a weird headache where my brow muscles are furrowing themselves but I have no control over it. It hurts my eyes to read, and I wanna punch myself in my own fingertips for typing it out. "Theatrhythm" is absolutely ridiculous in every way and it makes me unspeakably infuriated to know that this will actually exist. Fuck you Square!

Here's the scan from the magazine. Looks as baffling terribly as you'd expect

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