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Daily News - 7th July 2011 - Uncharted The Movie, Burnout CRASH and The Remarkable Bioshock Infinite E3 Demo

The Uncharted Movie Apparently Gets A New Director

According to Variety, Neil Burger (Director of The Illusionist and Limitless) is now tied to the project based on the popular Playstation series. As you may recall, the previous director David O Russell (The Fighter) had cast Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and had changed the entire plot of the adventure to the point of barely being recognisable as Uncharted. No news yet on whether Mark Wahlberg is still a part of the film but let's hope not. Nathan Fillion is still the dream Drake!


Criterion Reveal Burnout: CRASH

Burnout: CRASH was revealed a few months ago by accident and a few details have dribbled out since then, with the game being shown properly yesterday. The game will be a downloadable, top-down version of the series' crash mode. It will take a much more arcadey, almost mini-game approach to the gameplay, even including gesture controls. It looks like alot of fun! Expect it to be out some time in the next few months.

As you can see, chaos is the order of the day

Bioshock Infinite's E3 Demo is Basically, Astounding

At this year's e3, the obvious winner of the show was Bioshock Infinite, a game that received not one single bad word said about it the entire 3 day show. Watching the demo for yourself it's easy to see why. I'm not a fan of the original Bioshock myself, it never grabbed me and I didn't feel compelled to carry on playing it past a few hours but Infinite looks impressive for sure. Be warned, this is a 20 minute video, so go grab a cuppa and prepare to be a little bit blown away...

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