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Daily News - 15th August 2011 - Counter Strike, 3DS and The Last Guardian

It's been a very slow news weekend, with hardly anything exciting going on at all (atleast in my opinion) but it's Monday (well, yesterday was...) so I'll gather up all the individual stories from the past few days and hopefully we'll have a good few days of news ahead!

New Counter-Strike On The Way!

The original Counter-Strike was/is kind of a big deal. Still played today by tonnes of people, and even still having a presence at large gaming tournaments it remains a big deal, which means anything new baring the Counter-Strike name is also a big deal. Valve haven't shown any screenshots yet, but it's logical to assume the game will look much nicer than the original. What's most interesting is that the game is also going to be downloadable on the PS3 and Xbox360, aswell as PC. The game's gonna be called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will feature new maps, old maps, weapons and characters, with some new gameplay modes thrown in. They've got me interested, if nothing else.

Love those silky smooth graphics...

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program Finally Has Some Details

So by now it's too late, but Nintendo were offering a deal whereby if you bought/had a 3DS before their price drop you were gonna get a bunch of NES and GBA games for free, that's still the case (awesomely) but now we have a few more details. It seems that Ambassadors will get the games in a sort of advanced beta state, with none of the extra additions the full downloadable releases will have but with the ability to add that extra functionality when it becomes available. All the games will feature full manuals, and the NES games will feature the ability to save at any time. I love the way they're doing this. They could easily just let Amabassadors have them free when they make them available to buy, but by allowing us to get them ahead of that release it makes us feel even more special. I'm pretty excited for my 20 free games!

I can't wait to play Metroid: Fusion again!

New Last Guardian Footage On Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus Compilation Disc

It's been a while since we heard anything new regarding The Last Guardian, but the game's certain to be amazing. Team ICO have a small, but proven track record, with Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus under their belt, so naturally the excitement around The Last Guardian is massive... Which makes the fact that we haven't heard anything new in ages all the more frustrating. Thankfully though, news came out today that a 12 minute look at the game will be featured on the disc along with the Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus high definition remakes. About time!

The game looks fantastic. I can't wait!

Reader Comments (1)

New Counter Strike, holy shit i knew nothing of this. This is HUGE news :D
Good news for me too because my PC struggles to run CSS so I can have it on xbox too.
Valve never disappoint really.

August 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

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