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Daily News - 16th and 17th August 2011 - Skyrim, Steam and Cheap Consoles

Skyrim And Steamworks, A Marriage Made In Heaven!

Those of you with PCs should be happy to hear that the good folks at Bethesda will be embracing Steam in a big way, making a part of the Steamworks platform. In short this means that in Skyrim you'll have access to all the Steamworks trimmings like cloud saving, voice communication and anti-cheating thingymadoodles. Basically, these frameworks are there to make games more stable and user friendly, which is a good thing no matter what game uses it... and a very good thing when a game like Skyrim uses it.

This game's gonna be truly amazing, I can sense it in my bones!

Grasshopper Manufacture Have A New Game: Black Knight Sword

Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer 7, No More Heroes, Shadows Of The Damned and the in-development Lollipop Chainsaw) have been showing off a new game at Gamescom in Germany, a future downloadable title called Black Knight Sword which is a side-scrolling platformer with some combat thrown in and a very unique visual style made to look like a puppet theatre. The game hadn't been revealed in any way before Gamescom but is definitely on my radar now. The video below was shot at the event, but the camera man apparently has a problem keeping his camera pointed at the game, so try to keep your temper long enough to actually appreciate the footage they're showing.


Modern Warfare 3 Will Have Dedicated Servers On PC

Greatest headline of all time. Explains the entire story. I need say no more!

I'll play the gane. Alot.

New Downsized (But Cheaper) Wii And PSP Announced

Within 2 days of each other, Nintendo and Sony announced new versions of both the Wii and the PSP. The new versions will remove features but cost less, so if you'd like a PSP with no online, and a Wii with no Gamecube support at all, you're in luck! For the low, low price of 99 Euros you could own a pointless PSP, and although Nintendo haven't given a price for this new Wii version, you can bet that a Wii without a port for Gamecube controllers is pointless... as for Super Smash Bros. Brawl it's pretty much essential.

Those were the days!

Trenched Finally On It's Way! But Not Called Trenched

Trenched, according to every game critic, is easily one of the highlights of 2011 so far, but has been kept away from us by a stupid as fuck lawsuit. A Portugese gentleman owns the European patent to the name which means Double Fine have been forced to rename the game for us especially. It took them a little while before they realised legal action would be too big a hassle but they finally just settled on a new name: Iron Brigade. The name's good, the game's good, but what wasn't good was the wait! Better late than never though guys!


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