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Daily News - 28th July to August 2nd 2011 - Diablo 3, DOTA 2 and Loads More!

Yep, that's right, I haven't updated the site in 5 days! As I said yesterday though I moved house on Sunday so I have a lilttle bit of an excuse.... But still, that won't stop me skimping on the news for you guys. So here we go, 5 days worth of gaming news crammed into 1 post!

Diablo 3 To Feature In-Game Item Auctions You Can Pay For With Cash!

I know, I know, first reaction is that this is the worst idea in the whole world but this is Blizzard. They've made WoW, they know how profitable making money in-game can be but the difference between WoW and Diablo 3 is that when somebody sells an item for real money in Diablo 3, Blizzard will take a little bit of the money. This means that, unlike in WoW, you can't get banned or go to jail for gold farming in Diablo 3. Blizzard released a statement for clarification:

"If there's a legal issue at all, it's likely in the "cash out" option. Blizzard is transferring some of the responsibility to the third-party provider and, in order to do that, players will need to choose, right away at time of sale, whether they want to keep the money in, or take it out to cash with that extra percentage fee going to the third-party provider. Any money left in the system needs to stay there. Players won't be able to cash it out at any point in the future, except by buying Blizzard products and services. "We're not a bank," says Pardo. "We don't want to deal with all of those additional regulations. So that's going to be the responsibility of our third-party payment provider."

Personally I have no interest in these auctions, but Blizzard will still make Diablo 3 an awesome game so that on it's own is good enough for me.

I'll play the game, but won't touch the auctions... unless I Figure out how to make an awesome living with it!

Norwegian Retailer Coop Bans Violent Video Games

Good luck buying Modern Warfare or World of Warcraft (yes, that graphically violent game World of Warcraft) in Norway because Coop have deemed both of those games too violent to be sold. It's not just those 2 games though, there are a further 49 games that got pulled off the shelves including Homefront and Counter-Strike Source. It seems like basically anything with a gun is fair game to be taken down... which considering recent events is (obviously) an overreaction but still kind of understandable. It's unlikely the ban will be permanent but when a country's been through something as horrific as that, it's probably best not to rush things...

Of all the reasons to ban Homefront, it being too violent isn't one of them

Nintendo's Stock Drops 20%

Remember when Nintendo said they were gonna drop the 3DS's price by £80? Well it turns out there was a pretty good reason for that Because their overall sales have dropped 50% from the same period last year. That's alot. The news came out at about the same time the price-drop was announced and led to the companies stock to drop 20%. That's not great admittedly but I think a large portion of that is down to the 3DS being marketed poorly. The news led to many websites saying things like handhelds are dead and Nintendo's days are numbered but personally I think this is just a bit of a speedbump. Their products still appeal to a mass market, and once people realise what the 3DS has to offer different from a regular DS I think sales will start to increase. Make some good adverts Nintendo!

It's a good console! Honest!

Sony Buy Suckerpunch, Thus Keeps inFamous Exclusive

inFamous 2's reception has been somewhat mixed, but Sony obviously still think of it as a hot franchise because they bought Suckerpunch in a move that surprises... well, nobody. Sucker Punch's Managing Partner Brian Flemingin said in a press release:

"We've enjoyed an incredible relationship with Sony that has allowed us to combine our creative design capabilities with their guidance to make some of the best franchises to hit the PlayStation platforms, equally important, the relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties."

So there you go, Playstation fans rejoice! Presumably!

Playstation fans like infamous, I have heard...

DOTA 2 To Be Unveiled At Gamescom, Also, $1 Million!

Valve, in their infinite awesomeness, know that DOTA 2 is the kind of game you don't just release a few screenshots for and call it a reveal, so they're going to do it in style. at Gamescom there will be a DOTa 2 tournament with the winning team taking home 1 MILLION dollars! The teams are practicing as we speak (as you'd imagine with £1,000,000 on the line!) and we can view the tournament online when it happens on August 17 through August 21. Can't wait!

Morphling looks pretty sick! Cooler than Amumu though? I dunno... (Inside joke!)

Battlefield 3 Thunder Run!!!

At E3, we were shown gameplay footage of Battlefield 3, in particular an in-tank section that looked impressive, but graphically and in scale. Have a watch, and get as excited as I am!

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