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Daily News - 23rd and 24th August 2011 - Deus Ex, EA Origin and Star Wars Kinect

Gamestop Take Deus Ex Off Shelves After they Were Caught Tampering With New Copies

Ahh, Gamestop. In America they're the company that sells games, equivilent to what Game are over here, and as such are the embodiment of evil... as you'd expect. They're not the embodiment of evil simply because of their status as biggest retailer, they're the embodiment of evil because their approach to selling games is roughly on par with Nazi Germany's approach to lowering the Jewish population. Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out a few days ago in America and came bundled with a coupon, good for a free digital version of the game via OnLive. Once Gamestop caught wind of this they ordered their employees to open up the new copies of the game, remove the coupon, and re-seal the games to sell as new. What the fuck?!? Bear in mind that these coupons are a free gift from the publishers, meant to reward you for not buying a second hand copy. You may ask yourself why, and the answer is just as evil as you would expect. In essence, Gamestop has plans to release their own competitor to OnLive (The people you would cash your coupon in with) in the future. What the shitting shit?!? Ugh, well since this came out (and the internet got ANGRY) Gamestop has taken these fucked-over copies off shelves and "apologised" but I'm still left with an undeniable urge to impale something.

How did they think this would be a good idea?!?

EA's Digital Download Service Origin Has Stuff In Common With Spyware... Seriously

You know when you install something and it says "Agree to these terms and conditions" and you click "Agree" without reading it? Well some savvy internet types have actually looked at the T's&C's for EA's upcoming Origin service and discovered that "Hey, Origin's gonna collect a ton of personal information off my computer! And furthermore, they retain the right to sell that information to whoever the fuck they want!". When you consider that Battlefield 3 will require that you install Origin to even play the game you start to see why this would get people super pissed off. In the interest of fairness, Steam also collects similar information from you... but only if you opt in. Origin doesn't give you the option to opt out of giving away personal information at all. fucking bummer of a news day so far!

If you wanna play this on PC... Maybe wait for EA to fix this...

Star Wars Kinect Not Out In 2011 - Nobody Cares

Well... That may be a tad harsh, as this means the awesome-as-fuck R2-D2 Xbox 360 also gets delayed. And that shit looks sick.

Dude! Look at that!!!

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