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Daily News - 29th August 2011 - Zelda and Modern Warfare 3

Solid Gold Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword! Except Not.

Nintendo have announced what you'll get with the special edition of Skyward Sword, and I've got to say they've done a pretty good job. As well as a copy of the game (obviously) you'll get a soundtrack containing a variety of orchestrated versions of Zelda tracks from over the years and... wait for it... a golden Wii Remote! Now obviously, the thing's not solid gold but Nintendo aren't taking any risks:

*Note that the gold controller will simply be gold in color and will not contain any actual precious metals. Sorry.

No need to apologise Nintendo, we're the ones who should be sorry, for falling for your obvious ruse. You tricksters, you!

Modern Warfare 3 Will Use Steamworks. Internet Rejoice!

Joining Skyrim from last week, Valve (not Activision, weirldy) announced that Modern Warfare 3 will totally integrate Steamworks. This means automatic updates, Steam achievements, your Steam friends list and more. Oh, and they also made sure to announce that the game will definitely have support for dedicated servers. Go ahead PC gamers... do your dances.

Great news for fans of Endless Ocean 2!... I mean, Modern Warfare 3!

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