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Daily News - 15th September 2011 - Diablo III, Portal and Max Payne 3

Diablo III Skill Calculator Will Give You A Headstart On The Addiction

Are you looking forward to Diablo III? Looking forward to it so much you can't wait to start planning your character right away? Well Blizzard know their fans, and you'll be pleased to know that as of now, you can completely plan out your characters' skills, passives and rune allocations on the Diablo III skill calculator! Diablo fans rejoice! The rest of us can try (and fail) to wrap our heads around the advantages of choosing Zombie Charger over Locust swarm (if there are any).

Diablo III Skill Calculator

Your guess is, well, probably better than mine

Portal Is Free! But Hurry!

Portal, one of the best games ever made, is available for free for the next few days on Steam. The offer lasts until September 20th so get it soon. It's being made free as part of the Learn With Portals program by Valve, in order to spark the imagination of students worldwide. If you've never played Portal before, or even if you have a slight intention to own a decent laptop and play it at some point in the future, get a Steam account and get it for free now, while you still can!

Get Portal For Free On Steam

Do yourself a favour, get it!

Max Payne 3 Is A Thing That's Happening

The first trailer for the game is here. I wouldn't expect much from it though, I mean, Rockstar hardly ever make good games...

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