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Daily News - 21st September 2011 - Dark Souls and Mass Effect: The Movie

The Makers Of Dark Souls Will Kill You If You Break The Street Date

Reports are coming out of Japan that From Software, the makers of Dark Souls, are trolling the shit out of gamers who have managed to get the game early. The story goes that instead of complaining about the accounts in question, the makers of the game decided to use the game's mechanics to their advantage and take control of level 145 "Black Phantoms" to totally murder anybody playing the game. If you know anything about the Souls games, you know they're acclaimed as the hardest games ever made, with it taking days worth of play time to gain even a quarter of level 145. So be warned, if you play Dark Souls before you're supposed, be ready for a damn fight!

Poor Dark Souls players, they've got enough shit to worry about without this

Mass Effect Movie Details Come Out - Are Good And Bad

We've known for a while that a Mass Effect movie was on the cards, but until now it was just floating aroud in the ether, threatening to be awful and forcing me into a spiralling depression. But details have emerged which make me nervously excited. Apparently the movie will feature the male version of Shepard, won't feature Seth Green as Joker and has both Dr. Greg and Dr. Ray (the co-founders of Bioware) assisting with writing the story. Sounds very encouraging, but then we also learnt that Bioware are going to "allow plot/character changes" which has me scared to death. Welllll, maybe that's a little bit strong, Legendary Pictures are co-producing the movie and they have a pretty strong track record, also co-producing all 3 Nolan Batman films, Inception and Watchmen, and although I hated all those films, I find id hard to forsee a world where I don't like a Mass Effect with the same level of polish those films do. Call me excited!

I honestly see no way this film can be bad... I'm going to get my heart broken, aren't I?...

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