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Daily News - 27th and 28th September 2011 - City Of Heroes For Free and a Game For £1!

City Of Heroes Going Free-To-Play

Joining such illustrious superhero-based MMOs as DC Universe: Online and Champions Online, City Of Heroes is diving headfirst into what some (myself included) would consider an over-saturated genre... even though it only has 2 other competitors. So many games are going free-to-play now that I feel like you guys know the usual restrictions on a free membership, though just incase, here's a link to the restrictions.

I dunno what's going on in this screenshot... but I'll find out soon!

OnLive Wants You To Buy A Game... For £1!

OnLive, the service that lets you stream games from a server miles away (nullifying the need for a decent graphics card or a gaming rig) has recently launched for us UK'ers, and as a special offer, we get our first game for just a single pound! Now I've not tried the service for myself but to be honest, for £1 you might aswell just give it a go, especially if you've not played the newest Deus Ex, or Borderlands, or Just Cause 2. all great games, all available for the lowly sum of just £1! Hopefully you guys will give it a try, though pick carefully! You only get 1!

OnLive - First Game For £1

£1 for Just Cause 2 is amazing value

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