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Daily News - 29th and 30th September 2011 - Battlefield 3 Beta, Physchonauts and Fez

Battlefield 3 Beta Is In Full Swing! Don't Miss Out!

Despite a few server issues, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta has kicked off, and kicked off old school. Operation Metro is the only map available right now, and you need to download Origin to play the PC version (which launches from a browser...) but I've been playing it today and so far I've been really enjoying it. There are no vehicles in the beta, which is disappointing, but you can level up and unlock new weapons which is fun. Definitely, if you're even remotely interested in playing the game then get the beta... although, to be honest, you probably already have.

Join me in gay Paris, won't you?

Psychonauts Is Coming To Mac, And Gets Steam Achievements

If you own Psychonauts on Steam you may have noticed the game get an update. Well, the update adds some Steam Achievements and cloud saves. Also, apparently the game's final stage has been made more difficult, for some reason. If you own a Mac Doublefine still have you covered though, because the game is getting ported there along with an IOS App where you can view all the game's Memory Vaults along with some audio commentary! Bet you Psychonauts fans didn't see this coming today! What a treat!

I own the game, I've just never played it. My bad.

Fez Release Moved Back To Early 2012


But it won't happy fast enough!

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