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Daily News - 5th September 2011 - Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 and Dead Island

Pumped For Diablo 3? Then You'll Wanna See... Menus!

Some footage has leaked out from the Diablo 3 Beta. Obviously one of the more hotly anticipated games of the next 12 months, the footage its sure to get people excited (but then again, any new news at this point is going to excite Diablo 3 fans). Be warned, the video is mostly just of the game's menus, but they're nice menus so take solace in that. If there's one thing Blizzard know, it's interfaces.


Dead Island On Steam May Be A Tad Unfinished

People who bought the game digitally via Steam have been finding some interedting thing in their copies of Dead Island, like the ability to no-clip with simply the press of a button! Also, if you like it when game's crash then you're in luck, because this version is apparently crash-happy! And besides, you didn't wanna play the multiplayer anyway, right? Ah good. Supposedly the problems come from this apparently not being the retail version of the game, even possibly containing some Xbox 360 code. Whatever the reason, I expect it'll be dealt with pretty swiftly.

I hope the game does that original trailer atleast a little bit of justice

Japanese Poster Says Battlefield 3 On Two Discs For Xbox 360

According to a promotional poster for Battlefield 3, the game will come on 2 discs, as opposed to the PS3 version which will come on a single Blu-Ray. The smart money says the multiplayer gets it's own disc, but to be honest, with video games the smart money isn't always the one that pays off. We'll see.

God knows what the rest says, but clearly visible is: DVD-Rom x 2

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