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Daily News - 6th September 2011 - Borderlands 2, Star Trek: Online and New 3DS Add-on

Leaked Borderlands 2 Footage Confirms: Borderlands Is Still Awesome

I loved Borderlands, it was original, funny, challenging and above all: fun. I'm glad to see the sequel is getting improved in all the right places, but keeping the things that make Borderlands the expperience it is. Kotaku have the video, so check out the link below if you're a fellow Borderlands nut.

Kotaku - Borderlands 2 Leaked Footage

Shoot things. LOTS.

Star Trek: Online Free-To-Play Detailed

Star Trek: Online is going free-to-play and this gets me excited. I saw lots of footage from the Beta and it looked kind of awesome. The sheer fact of being able to pilot your own starship is worth the (free) price of admission alone. You still have the option to pay for a subscription but what wasn't clear until yesterday was exactly what the differences between free-to-play and payed members would be:

  • Free members get 2 character slots as opposed to 3 for paying members
  • 48 inventory and bank slots, versus 72 and 96 respectively for paying members
  • Free players can't create missions using the game's Foundry system
  • Limited access to the official forums
  • Limited access to in-game mail
  • Limited access to in-game chat
  • Limited access to Customer Service
  • No priority login
  • No veteran rewards
  • In-game advertisements in the game's voice chat

So there are your limitations. It looks like a lot, but when you really think about, none of this is actual game content... So you can still make a badass starship and kill borg without shelling out a penny... and THAT'S all that matters.

Plus the game's kind of gorgeous, do a quick google image search and feast your eyes

3DS Add-on Adds 2nd Circle Pad - Looks Ridiculous

To coincide with Monster Hunter 3G's release in Japan an add-on is coming that will slap on atleast an extra circle pad, and possibly more. No word on pricing or solid details, but take a look at how stylish this thing looks... (sarcasm)

Not eye-rippingly grotesque in the slightest (SARCASM)

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