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Daily News - 1st January 2012 - The Binding Of Isaac 3DS and Happy New Year!

The Binding Of Isaac Could Be Coming To 3DS

Game announcements come in many forms, but perhaps none quite as unique as the method through which Edward McMillen has announced he's attempting to get The Binding Of Isaac onto 3DS. A Formspring question, of all things, asked by "MonkeyNL" has just been unearthed from a few weeks ago, in which the user notes that he thinks the top down perspective of the game would lend itself very well to the 3DS's own brand of triple-dizzles. McMillen obviously agrees, as he says the following:

"A publisher i know is currently asking nintendo if they woudl be ok with isaac on the 3ds, if they say yes then ill had the game off to them and let them port it."

The game is supposedly pretty cool, I've yet to play it as there are many-a-thing I'd rather play right now, but I intend to get round to it, hopefully before the inevitable 3DS release.

It maybe won't be the most kid-friendly 3DS game, but it'll lend itself very well to a portable

Happy New Year!

I started the site in April of last year, so as of the start of 2012 the site has been up and running for a solid 8 months now. I like the site, and won't change too much (not the world's biggest fan of change over here) but my hope, nay, my dream, is that hopefully by this time next year I'll be getting paid for this. Right now I'm unemployed, and running the site isn't free, but it's worth barely affording rent as I really do love writing about video games, reviewing them and in general feeling like a part of the industry I love (even if it's an incredibly teeny-tiny part).

An incredible amount of thanks to the PR people I've been into contact with these past 8 months, you guys have made me feel like this site hasn't been a massive waste of my time and money, and treat me with respect (unlike Ocean Marketing guy). You guys make me feel like this is actually a job, one I don't get paid for but a job nonetheless. Not just a job either, but my dream job, and one I hope I can keep up until atleast this time next year... provided we're all still here come 2013!

Happy new year, and thanks for supporting the site, guys. 2012 is gonna be AWESOME!!! (Mass effect 3!)

Opening up my review copy of Batman: Arkham City was a pretty huge moment for me, definitely a life-highlight

Reader Comments (1)

Is there anything more badass than a free game? I think not.

January 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

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