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Daily News - 12th January 2012 - Xbox 360 Sales, Kid Icarus For Lefties and Asura's Wrath Demo

Xbox 360 And Kinect Doing Quite Well

It's CES in Las Vegas right now, which is basically E3 but for all the newest tech coming out in the next year. Microsoft had a keynote, and couldn't resist flaunting their newest sales figures. According to Microsoft, they have sold 66 million Xbox 360s since the console's launch, and 18 million Kinects, with almost 40 million Xbox Live members. Impressive numbers no matter which way you slice it, although I am pretty shocked at how well Kinect is doing. ah well, fair play top Microsoft for making alot of people feel pretty stupid, sorry for doubting you boys! (and girls!)

Ofcourse it's sold well! Look how much fun those douchebags, I mean, guys are having!


Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Be Friendly For Lefties!

Lefties probably have a hard time of it. I never really think about it but it must suck having to use your weak hand for trigger pulling and such, but not if you plan on buying Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game will be able to take advantage of Monster Hunter 3G's custom Circle Pad peripheral to allow you to play the game with your "devil hands". Surely, any way you look at this, it's good news, right? Unless you hate left-handed people ofcourse... which would make you weird,

It may look ridiculous, but it seems to serve a few useful purposes


Asura's Wrath Demo Available Right Now!

Asura's Wrath, one of my most intriguing games of this year, has finally gotten it's demo, and I for one can't wait to give it a a try. It's available on Xbox and PS3 as you read this, so if you're looking to watch bonkers shit to go down for free, then go get your hands on it!

Spoiler: Asura's angry! Also, note the giant, weird, golem babies. Download it. NOW!


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