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Daily News - 17th January 2012 - Syndicate 4-Player Demo and An Ong-Bak Game?

Syndicate Comes In Your Face With it's Throbbing, Meaty Demo

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love demos. Some are great, some not so great (you should totally play the Asura's Wrath demo bytheway, it's fucking awesome), but one thing's for sure, 99% of the time the quality of the demo is a good indication of the quality of the finished product. The Syndicate demo shows tremendous promise, stuffing itself with quite a large chunk of the game's co-op mode. The demo will showcase an entire mission from the game's 9 mission long co-op mode, and once up, will only be up for a limited time, so don't dilly dally! And don't miss your chance to play for one of the best named in-game corporations of the past few years: Wulf Western.


Expect An Ong Bak Game By The End Of The Year... I Guess!

If you've not seen Ong Bak, it's basically a few hours of Tony Jaa kicking the fuck out of people... so it makes sense that the series would translate well into a video game. The only danger here is the unproven developer, Studio Hive, who are yet to prove their mettle on a full-blown title, though enthusiasm can carry a studio far:

"It's a great honor for our team to work on the very first Ong-Bak multiplatform game. As a Thai development studio we love the movie and have a deep understanding of the Ong-Bak brand values and we make sure that the videogame will be an inspiring martial arts action experience for gamers."

That quote comes from a press release by Hive's General Manager, Kan Supabanpot. I like the subject matter, I like video games... I'm wary though. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed as tightly as I can!

Expect MUCH kicking in the face


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