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Daily News - 25th January 2012 - XBLA House Party, Mass Effect 3 DLC Methods and Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer

Prices And Dates For The XBLA House Party Announced

Between I Am Alive and Adam Wake's American Nightmare there are sure to be lots of people looking forward to the House Party, and for those people there's some good news and some bad news. The good news is we finally have prices and release dates, but the bad news is that you still have a few weeks to wait. The release dates and prices are below.

February 15th

800 Microsoft Points - Warp

February 22nd

1200 Microsoft Points - Alan Wake's American Nightmare

February 29th

800 Microsoft Points - Nexuiz

March 7th

1200 Microsoft Points - I Am Alive

I'm looking forward to it, although it sucks that I Am Alive is last. Why must I wait so long for you!?! Arg!!!

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!


Mass Effect 3 Related Products To Net You Mass Effect Game DLC

This news isn't quite as exciting as it should be, but it's still quite cool. Along with the game, there will be alot of Mass Effect 3 related merchandise available, most notably, an art book and a selection of action figures. Why are these 2 particular items worth noting? Well because when you buy them you'll receive a code to get DLC in-game! Now dont get too excited, the DLC will be things like extra weapons or costumes for multiplayer, but it's still kind of a good idea, so long as no major DLCs get released this way. THAT would suck.

I might be tempted to buy an action figure to be honest, depending on how anatomically correct the Miranda one is... *cough*


Resident Evil 6 To Contain Many Forms Of Multiplayer

Resident Evil 6 has caused quite a stir since that demo burst onto the scene, leading to many information hungry internet users to go and scour the internet for any morsels of information they can find. Well, they found some good stuff. turns out that aswell as featuring a 2-player offline co-op mode, they game will also feature 6(!) player online co-op and 8 player versus multiplayer. Obviously the details are scarce right now, but it's pretty exciting stuff, and the fact that the game's been in development for the better part of 2 years bodes very well, especially for a title as massive as Resi 6 is sure to be.

Between Leon looking like Sawyer, and this girl looking like Kate, I'm beginning to wonder if Resi 6 won't be some sort of weird Lost homage but with zombies.



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