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Daily News - 27th January 2012 - Angry Birds News, Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed and Nintendo Goodies To Come

Angry Birds Coming To Facebook

In a move that con only be described as "inevitable", the world's most successful pig-smashing game is coming to Facebook on Valentines day. You'll be able to pit your scores against your friends' scores and you'll also be able to buy power ups with real money. I've never played Angry Birds, but I've played countless Flash Games with similar gameplay so I'm eager to see how Angry Birds feels in comparison.

I hope the physics are good enough


Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed Until Autumn

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in development for a good 3 years now, so what's another few months eh? Originally the game was due to be out by Spring 2012, but Gearbox have said that "creativity and invention" don't "necessarily follow the structure of an assembly line." which is fair enough. Frankly, I'd rather a game company have this attitude than have to constantly meet deadlines, even though we get our games later, atleast we get them complete.

Oh. Dear. GOD!!!


Satoru Iwata Announces Plenty Of New Nintendo Goodness To Analysts

Nintendo look set to suffer their first financial losses in years, what with 3DS underporforming and the Wii slowing down in popularity drastically, and as such Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President, had to reassure everybody that exciting Nintendo stuff was coming. Amongst his announcements was news of a new sidescrolling Mario game for 3DS; Nintendo Network, a new online service for Nintendo users in the planning stages (essentially PSN or Xbox Live for Nintendo Customers); and the inclusion of NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology in the Wii U controller, which in lamence terms means that you can have something that was readable by the controller nearby and it would be able to scan it and know what it was... imagine being able to buy stuff with a credit card simply by holding the card near the Wii U controller. Pretty interesting stuff!

between Nintendo Network and NFC, the Wii U is shaping up nicely!


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