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GameBanter's First Ever Competition!

Hey everyone, today was a big day up in here! I posted my first ever "ACTUAL" review for a game! If you like, you can go check out my NeverDead review RIGHT NOW!!! (Spoiler: T'aint good) 3 days before the game's release on Friday.

Anyway, as a celebration of this personal milestone, I decided it was time for a competition! Admittedly the prize isn't the best, but it's brand new and factory sealed, so you can atleast sell it on eBay or some crap, plus we're not exactly swimming in visitors, so your chances are pretty damn good! First things first though, "What's the prize?!?" I hear you cry! Well, it's this:

Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

Yes, there it is, your glamourous prize! Shift 2: Unleashed! A game that scored an 84 on Metacritic, no mean feat! But now I hear you asking "But how on earth do we go about winning this marvelous prize?!?". Well, I'm glad you asked!

To win you won't need to simply follow a Twitter account, or 'like' a Facebook page, I'm gonna make you work for it! (Not too hard though, please stay!) I take the inspiration for the competition from a game called "Country/Bird/Fish", in which multiple players are given the same letter and have to come up with different things that begin with that letter, scoring more points for originality: So, if the round is the letter 'E' and more than 1 person answers 'England', both those players would lose points for not having an original answer.

I am going to play to Country/Bird/Fish's strengths here and seek out originality in your answers, whilst also making it apply to Need For Speed! (Because I'm giving away a Need For Speed Game... see?) So, in order to win, you are going to have to answer the following question:


What type of vehicle would you like the next Need For Speed game to be based around?


Please send answers to me in such a way that nobody else can read them, either to @GameBanter as a DM on Twitter, or much more easily, to

I figure we'll keep this running either until Friday (the day NeverDead comes out and my review ceases to be pre-release epicness) or until this time next week. Either way, get racking your brains, and take a quick gander at the rules, atleast at rule 1... unless you LIKE not winning that is...

Good Luck all! And thanks for visiting my poxy little site, your views really do mean alot to me.

The Rules:

1. In the spirit of Country/Bird/Fish, any 2 or more answers I receive that have chosen the same mode of transportation, WILL NOT WIN! This means 1 of 2 things: Either you'll pick an incredibly obvious answer in the hopes nobody would pick a vehicle that obvious, or you'll pick a ridiculous answer, but run the risk of somebody else picking it in order to be equally as ridiculous... ofcourse, the complete opposite also applies to that, so think real hard!

2. Any entries I recieve either in comments, or not via DM on Twitter will not be included in the above rule, and will not be counted as entries full stop... so if you see someone answer in the comments maybe steal their answer, who knows!

3. There is no cash alternative blah blah blah, but you can just sell it on eBay anyway, so yeah, there's that.

4. Your vehicle does not have to be real, speeder bikes are fine, as are jetpacks, just so long as you aren't making it up yourself, your entry counts.

5. Feel free to answer with more than just 1 word. If you wanna try and convince me your answer is the best, far be it from me to stop you, and who knows, you might just talk me round!

6. As the game's age rating is '3' anyone of any age can enter, but I won;t go leniently on you just because you're 4 years old, if your answer sucks, it sucks. End of story.

7. You've read the rules! Good for you! As a reward, here's a little entertainment for the next 10 hours of your life. Enjoy, you've earned it!

Reader Comments (1)

Entered. Fingers crossed and good luck folks!! xx

February 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter@xcardiffbirdx

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