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Daily News - 5th January 2012 - Xbox Live Indie Games, Super Meat Boy, Old Republic Cheat-Dancing and Microsoft Flight Simulator

Indie Games On Xbox Live Get A Bit Of A Boost

Microsoft got some stick over their latest dahsboard update from Indie developers, for making the Xbox Live Indie Games section a great deal harder to find than on the previous dash. It seems like they're trying to make amends a little bit by allowing indie developers to make bigger games and charge less for them. Old indie games were forced to be a maximum of 150 megabytes, and had to be priced between £2 and £4, but now, Microsoft is allowing the games to be upto 500 megabytes and can be priced anywhere as low as 80 Microsoft points (70p). It's encouraging to see this kind of change, and can only result in better games for less, now if we can just find them...

Expect more games like this in future

Super Meat Boy Hits A Super Milestone

Super Meat Boy, one of the best games.... just, one of the best games, has been out a year or so now, and has spread itself to Xbox Live, PC and Mac, being part of various sales and bundles along the way and had finally, passed the 1 million sales mark. I'm personally thrilled, I always enjoy seeing something I love get it's due, and Super Meat Boy's success surely means more first-class offering from Team Meat in the future. I can't wait!

One of the best games is no exaggeration, believe me!

Old Republic Exploit Allows Users To Boogie On Down And Become Invincible

As ridiculous as that headline is, it's true. The "/getdown" command in the game allows users to express themselves via the medium of dance, but more importantly, it makes players invincible. I doubt it will be long before this gets sorted out, but until then you Old Republic players enjoy stuff like this:


And Finally...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Going Free-To-Play

This spring, all you budding pilots out there can enjoy all the complexity of pressing virtual buttons and pulling virtual levers whilst also soaring through the air, for free! Obviously not everything in the game will be entirely free, but controlling a plane as it flies through the air is a given. Should be good... ish.

It LOOKS good, if nothing else

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