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Kickstarter Launches In The UK

Kickstarter, possibly the best thing to happen to the game industry (or most industries) in years has now finally stretched it's hand towards the UK and offered to help out independent UK game devs, tech companies and hell, regular people with great ideas to make their dreams become realities.

If you're not familiar with how the process works (then first of all, where the hell have you been?) it goes a little something like this: You have an idea you need money to bring to fruition; You create a Kickstarter, pick a total that will allow you to achieve your goal and allow members of the public to give you money to make it happen; If the project reaches its goal then you receive the cash and get to make your product. It's as simple as showing people something and having them decide if they're willing to invest in the idea. The majority of Kickstarters offer the finished article in exchange for a pledge of a set amount, so more often than not, you're not only helping get a game made, you're also guaranteed a copy of the game at no extra cost. It's allowed a number of truly unique properties to get created (like FTL) as well as breathing new life into old concepts and series (like Broken motherfucking Sword!!!).

It goes without saying that this is pretty cool, though I feel pretty confident in saying that it was going to happen eventually... Still, I know there are lots of you out there who have been waiting for this for months now, so you better not let us down! British pride and all that. Tally ho. Spit spot. Etc.

FTL is apparently pretty awesome, but I'm waiting until it's on sale to snap it up



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