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Lots Of Exciting Sleeping Dogs DLC On The Way

One of the best games I've played this year is Sleeping Dogs. Combining solid combat, strong storytelling and shitloads of atmosphere it came out of nowhere and I suspect you'll be hearing a lot about it come the various game of the year discussions at the end of the year. What's refereshing about the game, is that the team behind have really embraced the almost cult-like reaction the game has had, especially with their new Nightmare At North Point DLC which is a send-up of cheesy 70s asian horror movies. They've revealed that their future DLCs for the game will be decided upon by the fans, which is either genius, or incredibly stupid, and either way I love it.

Dan Sochan, Producer at United Front had the following to say regarding the process:

"We recently had a poll on the Sleeping Dogs website to help decide one of our future DLC packs. The community voted and we listened - that's the most satisfying way to make games. Whether it's outfits from ancient Chinese lore, racing in boats or beating up on hopping Chinese vampires - it needed to feel fresh to the player, as well as be exciting for us to work on.

We didn't start on DLC until the main version of the game had shipped so that we could get all of the polish in we could - which is critical when launching a new IP. So once Sleeping Dogs was out the door, we were able to brainstorm and think outside the main story to create some unique DLC ideas; gameplay situations that the player couldn't experience in the main campaign."

I dunno about you, but something tells me we're in for some cool shit in the months to come from Sleeping Dogs. Can't wait!

If you've not experienced Sleeping Dogs for yourself, then ask Santa Clause for it for Christmas!



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