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Halo 4 Was 2012's Biggest Entertainment Launch

Ofcourse with Black Ops 2 out today, this news story is about as moot as a news story could possibly be, but the story does bring some interesting stuff along with it. First of all, "biggest entertainment launch" means the game beat The Avengers, which is fucking ridiculous, but an interesting statistic is that even with the huge launch, the game still sold less in its first week than both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. I'm sure the game will still be seen in the history books as doing fantastically well, but it definitely shows a little bit of Halo fatigue setting in, even if only in the early stages. Anyway, all of this is irrelevant, as a Call Of Duty game launched today, so prepare to see all the sales records for all the things be destoryed by Black Ops 2 like clockwork.

"That's right, take it all off baby, you do WANT to be famous, don't you?..."

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