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Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm Release Date Confirmed

The 2nd entry in the promised Starcraft 2 trilogy finally has a release date, set as March 12th 2013. The game will be available both digitally, and in shops, for the sarcastically low-low price of THIRTY THREE MOTHERFUCKING POUNDS! I know I shouldn't be surprised by the price of games nowadays, but £32.99 for what is essentially an expansion, and a flawed one at that if the joke of a beta is anything to go by. The beta is one of the most unbalanced things I've ever witnessed being developed; units have been changed to the point of unrecognisability since the start of the beta; units have been completely removed from the game after being deemed unbalancable, and one unit in particular, the Oracle, has had it's abilities changed so many time you wonder if it's even woth the fucking effort on Blizzard's part.

Honestly, I can't see myself buying this. The multiplayer is already about as balanced as it's going to get in Wings Of Liberty, and tournaments based around Heart Of The Swarm's multiplayer seem like a fucking accident waiting to happen. Combine that with the fact that the story in starcraft is a giant load of horse shit (along with every other Blizzard game) and you have a nicely saved £30, fresh to be used on a half-blowjob; couple of buckets of chicken; or Hotline Miami, FTL, Mark Of The Ninja and Dust: An Elysian Tale... I know which of those options I'm going with!

£33 to spend some quality time with this little lady?... Maybe spend that money elsewhere.

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