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Nintendo Fuck Up Wii U's Launch

There's no easy way to say it, Nintendo fucked up. As if it wasn't bad enough that they released a day 1 patch that can allegedly 'brick' consoles (DON'T unplug it during the 2-hour patch download), they completely missed the mark as far as their online implementation. It's no surprise that Nintendo are new to all this online business, but it's almost as if they're deliberately being obtuse with it all. Nintendo Network IDs will be tied to the console itself, which on the surface doesn't sound too bad... Other than the fact that all purchases, saves and settings tied to that account will be completely unavailable on any machine but the one the ID exists on. Your Wii U breaks? Fuck you. Wanna play at your friend's house with your account? Fuck you too. No explanation on why this decision was made, but this is equivilant to having a mobile phone that only makes calls, it's just archaic.

We live in an age where you can transfer a Blu-Ray quality film off a pc, onto a phone, onto a tablet, over wireless to a laptop, onto your television, all super easily. It has to be that Nintendo have made a fundamental decision to do things archaically, because making shit like that work is easy nowadays. Either that or it's just laziness, and personally I'd rather believe that Nintendo were being stupid, rather than just lazy.

"Congratulations dawg!... Maybe be careful connecting this to any kind of internet though..."

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