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Uncharted: Fight For Fortune Announced. Is Card Game. Yup.

I don't know about you, but when I think "cinematic, award-winning action game" I think "I wish I could enjoy this without all that pesky cinematic, award-winning action getting in the way!" Well now you can! With Uncharted: Fight For Fortune you not only do you FINALLY get to play with that Vita that was so handily keeping your door propped open/table de-wobblified, but you also get to look at yourself in the mirror and despise the lifeless reflection staring back at you just that much more, for having bought whatever the fuck this is.

I don't know how it'll play, I don't know what kind of card game it'll be, I don't care how competently made it ends up being, all I know is that some cunt somwhere will try to defend it on a podcast, and I'll have to sit there and listen to them use the word "actually" like a billion times:

"Actually it's not that bad"
"It actually has some quite interesting mechanics"
"It's actually got quite a bit of depth"
"Actually, it's not a stinking pile of shit!"


I'm not kidding. This exists. Seriously.

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