GTA: Vice city Coming To Mobiles December 6th

Yes, that's right, classic game GTA: Vice City will soon be playable on your iOS or Android device, for the slim price of £2.99 for iOS and £3.72 for Android. The release will mark the 10 year anniversary for the game, and will coincide with Vice City Anniversary-themed collectibles being released. I've played the mobile version of GTA 3 and, while it controls like garbage, it's incredibly impressive to have literally the whole game just on my phone. I see no reason they won't do the same for Vice City, though the thought if them cramming all that content onto just my phone blows my pathetic little mind. I can see myself buying this, playing it once and then never touching it again, but it'll be worth it just to be as impressed as I know I'm going to be!

Vice City is much beloved, here's hoping it holds up!

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