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Zelda Fan? Then You Need To Watch This!

Oh my goodness guys, I haven't been this excited for a Zelda game in years... And there isn't even one announced or anything! This video, made by the amazing people at Game Trailers documents the tale of the Legend Of Zelda, in its entirety, and in correct chronological order for the first time. The information wasn't ever given out by Nintendo until recently, but FUCK is it ever incredible!

Aside from being incredibly interesting, remarkably illuminating and just downright captivating, the video is also fantastically well made. It's around 40 minutes long, so get your dinner ready, and sit in front of your screen and you're in for a treat. Obviously, spoilers for all the games in the Legend Of Zelda series, though I hadn't played Skyward Sword and wasn't upset at all by having it spoilt. A truly awe-inspiring story, and an amazing piece of media by Game trailers, this deserves to be savoured. Enjoy!



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