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GTA V To Have 3 Main Characters

Here's the thing... I play GTA games to fuck about. I've tried not playing them that way, I've tried taking in the story and really involving myself in the world, and fuck does it get boring. The games aren't fun to play, they're fun to watch someone else play. Me and my mates sit down and we take it in turns to get as many wanted stars as we can and we see who can be the most entertaining while having a laugh. We steal ridiculous cars, we get creative with the cheats we use in our runs, we try to be as cheeky as we can with the police or the army, we go to the airport and steal a plane and fly it under bridges and we generally fuck about. It's more fun in GTA because the game is taking itself so seriously, it's like it doesn't want you to be fucking around ("get back here you damn whipper snappers!") and that just makes it all the more fun to fuck around.

...It just dawned on me that none of this is news. Alright, erm... More to come in this month's Game Informer!

Say hello to Trevor, Franklin and Michael in order. You'll be hearing a lot more about them in the coming weeks.



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