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Mass Effect 3 'Omega' DLC On't Way

Not too much to say about this, as good faith for Mass Effect 3 is at an all-time low at this point in humanity's history, but the upcoming 'Omega' DLC for the game will take place upon Omega, one of the main areas of the perfect Mass Effect 2. Players will take Shepard (and only Shepard), as he teams up with Aria T'Loak and Nyreen Kandros, a female Turian mercenary leader, as the 3 of you battle to retake Omega from the grubby hands of Cerberus.

It probably says as much about me as it does about the Mass Effect franchise that the only legitimately exciting thing thing to me about this is seeing a female Turian for myself, but we'll put that aside for now. Bioware have said that neither of the lasses will be "knobable" but that players will make choices to raise either their Paragon or Renegade like always, and that you can properly piss off Aria if you want. Frankly, this is far too removed from the fuck-storm that Mass Effect 3 caused. It almost seems like a waste of time even making the thing, but hey, Carrie Anne Moss has gotta work, those Matrix cheques have gotta dry up sometime.

Oh shit! That Turian is female as fuck!... Shepard would totally hit that. He'd demolish it.



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