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Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play On November 15th

This change was spoken about a while ago, but not much has dropped about it recently. Well it turns out we are less than a week away from levelling up our very own Jedi or Sith while other people do the same on the same server as you at the same time!

While it's been a little while since an MMO has even crossed my mind (Guild Wars 2 burned me real bad!) the thought of a free one in which I can wield a Lightsaber is obviously an enticing prospect no matter how you look at it. There are some restrictions placed upon free users, like only having 3 playable races (Humans, Zabrak and Cyborgs - no Twii-lek's for you!); a limited number of space missions/warzones for players each week; a smaller inventory and longer quick travel cooldowns.

While the restrictions seem ever-so-slightly too harsh for my liking, it's still a great prospect for cheap cunts such as myself, and worth atleast a pity try, surely. Surely...

This is an MMO-ass looking MMO!



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