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Daily News - 1st February 2012 - Skyrim Creation Kit, SSX Multiplayer and Competition!

Skyrim Creation Kit And Steamworks Integration Detailed

If you play Skyrim on the PC then you should be pretty excited, Bethesda has released a video showing the features of their upcoming Creation Kit, that will be present in the next patch, and it looks pretty cool. Personally I have no interest in making my own mods, but the Steamworks integration, which makes installing mods unbelievably easy, is fantastic. Look forward to this PC gamers, it's basically why you own the game on the PC in the first place!



SSX Will Have Online Pass-less Multiplayer

The trend nowadays is to lock away a game's multiplayer behind a one-time use code, that encourages buying the game new and discourages 2nd hand purchases, but the new SSX game, will do things a little differently. Without the pass you can still play online, but any credits you earn (which are used to unlock items for your snowboarder) will be saved until you enter a pass. Ofcourse, if you entered your pass previous to playing online you get your credits immediately. I think this is a far better way of handling this than the usual way of not letting you play at all, and it means you could conceivably play the game for months, then all of a sudden input a code and get showered in in-game credits! Lovely!

Delivering a salty mid-air teabagging will cost you no money extra! Bargain!


GameBanter's First Ever Competition!

I'll be honest here guys, the competition's been on for about 24 hours now, and we have 2 entries. Yes 2. TWO. How insane is that! I got quite a few views yesterday thanks to the NeverDead review, which is all well and good, but barely anyone entered the competition at all. It's really easy guys, and actually pretty fun I'd wager, plus you have an incredible chance of winning!!!

Seriously, 2 entries. In 24 hours. As it stands, these guys now have a 50% chance of getting a free game for basically fuck all. They're making you look like a chump! You're not a chump are you? Didn't think so! So just visit the link and follow the instructions, there's a pretty good chance you could win a free game!

Alright, so it's not the BEST prize ever, but it is a prize. Get to it!

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