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Daily News - 10th February 2012 - Diablo 3 Delay, Skyrim 'Game Jam' and Double Fine's Gamble

Diablo 3 Won't Be With Us For Another Few Months.

Oh dear, looks like Blizzard strike again! Granted, when they originally said they'd have Diablo 3 with us in "early 2012" almost everybody turned their noses up at it, but it still doesn't sucks. The game's beta has been lengthy, and is still having changes made to it. I'm definitely okay with Blizzard focus testing the shit out of the game, it just means a bit more waiting for you already patient Blizzard fans. Blizzard have said they'll have the game out before the end of Q2 (June 30th), so still not that long to wait.

Or perhaps it is the Beta that has defeated me!



Bethesda's Game Jam Highlights Possible Future Skyrim Content

So as it turns out, the guys at Bethesda know how to have fun! As soon as skyrim was finished, they told everyone in the company to go away and design one unique piece of content for the game. It could be anything they wanted so long as it fit into Skyrim. Some of the ideas were subtle; like being able to use spears, or combine different types of spells (Heal + Fear = Drain Health); and some of their ideas were massive, like Dragon mounts, a new Skill Tree just for Werewolves or building your own house. Take a look at the video below, and be glad you own a copy of Skyrim.



Double Fine Reach Out To Their Fans To Fund Their Next Game. And They (Massively) Succeed!

Double Fine, the studio behind such games as Psychonauts and Iron Brigade, and containing the brains behind such classics as Day Of the Tentacle and Monkey Island, took a pretty big risk yesterday, when they reached out to their fans and asked them to fund their next project. The icing on the cake for fans, aside from being guaranteed a copy of the game for donating more than $15, is that the game will be an adventure game, in the old-school style, made by the people who invented the genre. Turns out fans were excited by the prospect of the makers of Monkey Island and Day Of The Tentacle making another game of that style and, well, let's just say they expressed that excitement with their wallets. The target for the project was $400,000, which would cover both the production of the game and a documentary following it's progress, but the project, after just 24 hours of being online, had already generated 1.2 million dollars. The company said that any excess past the original $400,000 would be spent on extras, like a Mac version of the game for example, so goodness knows what they'll do with over a million dollars! The page to donate to the project is still up for another 32 days, so that number could easily shoot up. I got my $15 in early, any of you gonna be doing the same?



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