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Daily News - 15th February 2012 - Psychonauts 2 More Possible, Skyrim Workshop Success and Metal Gear Online Going Away

Psychonauts 2 Budget Not Too High For Notch

You may remember last week, when "Notch" (the creator of Minecraft) reached out to Tim Schafer (the creator of Psychonauts) with an offer of making Psychonauts 2 happen. Obviously people got excited but with no information, other than a desire from both parties to make it happen, there's only so excited we can get. Well, it turns out a bit more news has come our way. The original Psychonauts repotedly cost $13 million, and when confronted with this fact, Notch responded with "I can do that". Notch can afford it, Schafer wants to make it, it's a few years away for sure but it looks like this shit is gonna go down!

Making a guy slide down some stairs aint cheap!



Skyrim Workshop, It Turns Out, Is Pretty Successful

If you're a Steam user who downloaded a mod for Skyrim using the Steamworks Workshop, it turns out you weren't not alone, with the service boasting over 2 million downloads and 2,500 mods so far. Makes me jealous of all you PC users!

There are still alot of you out there slaying dragons, and I envy you!



Metal Gear Online Shutting Down On June 21st

Games like Metal Gear Online are never too successful, but tend to claim a small group of dedicated users. Unfortunately for those users of MGO, the gbame will cease to be online in just a few, short months. The game has been online for almost 4 years, with the game actually shutting down shortly after it's 4th birthday. It's a shame but these things happen, hopefully it's users will move on to bigger and brighter things... an MMO perhaps, or Modern Warfare.

no homo.



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