Daily News - 2nd February 2012 - Simpson's Arcade, Syndicate Multiplayer and Yes, You Guessed It, A Competition Reminder!

The Simpson's Classic Arcade Game Coming To Consoles Next Week

I have fond memories of that Simpsons aercade game, Bart hitting things with his skateboard, Marge whacking enemies with her vaccuum, it's as if my 6 year old self was there playing it right now. Well, for those of you who, like me, enjoyed it back in the day you can re-evoke those feelings next week, when the game comes to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Welllllll, to be more accurate, the game will be available on Xbox Live tomorrow (the 3rd) for 800 Microsoft points and on PSN on the 7th, but to make up for the difference in release dates, PSN Plus members will be getting the game for free. Pretty good deal!

If you don't love this then there's a good chance you're dead inside



Syndicate Won't Have A Multiplayer Pass

Following on from yesterday's news of the new SSX having a completely optional online pass, it seems Syndicate is following suite, or more accurately, taking it one step further. The reason Synidcate won't be asking you for any extra money for the pleasure of playing online, is that the game doesn't feature a competitive online mode, rather it's only online content is all cooperative play. EA are starting to toy around with the online pass concept, I'm sure it won't go away but a few exceptions here and there won't exactly have me complaining!

"I just Syndicated YOUR FACE!" is what I shall say!


And Finally...

GameBanter's First Ever Competition!

Sorry guys, I hate to keep banging on about this but it's my first ever competition. Not to make the point to much but you really do stand a good chance of winning! You know when a huge website has a competition for, like, a 60-inch Plasma TV and 20,000 people enter and your chances are basically zero? Well, WE are a very small website, with a (kinda lame) relatively tiny prize and your chances of winning are better than 1 in 10 as of right now. How crazy is that! Just for visiting my little website you could own a game that got an 84 on Metacritic, brand new, that'll probabkly net you a good £20 or so even if you don't want it. I'm just one guy, who smiles every single extra view he gets, so please spread the word, every person who sees this website, likes it, and keeps checking it, makes more giveaways like this more likely for the future. And afterall guys, free game. FREE!

That guy, that guy in the car... that could be you!


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