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Daily News - 21st February 2012 - Nintendo Stuff Tomorrow, Get Seaman On Your 3DS and Will Video Games Cure Cancer?

Reggie Teases That We Should Keep Our Eyes Peeled Tomorrow

Swap note is cool... it'd be cooler if I had any friends with a 3DS but oh well. Well, Reggie apparently likes it too, and he likes to use it to tease us. 3DS may find a new little note today from Reggie himself, letting us know that we should probably be keeping an eye on the news sistes tomorrow as Nintendo may just have a little something for us. I doubt it's going to be anything on par with some mental Wii-U information or a new Zelda game, but it's still exciting nonetheless. Keep watching the skies!

He may not be the prettiest, but he WILL kill your dick!



Seaman 'Coming' To 3DS

If you don't know what Seaman is just Youtube it... actually, I'll do it for you.


And Finally...

Video Games Helping To Fight Cancer

One nice news story for your Tuesday evening. It turns out that, basically, scientists have started using GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) used in gaming to render cancer cells more exactly than is possible on any other devices, and ofcourse, ss video game graphics technology increases, so will their ability to render these cells, ultimately helping us in the fight against cancer. You can read a more complete story below.

Video games offer clues for cancer research


Ironcally, Ubisoft have been rendering cancer in video game form for years now, completely by accident.



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