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Daily News - 22nd February 2012 - Starhawk Beta, Aion Going Free-to-Play and Borderlands 2 Release Date Confirmed

Starhawk Beta Now Open To All

Well that Nintendo stuff that was hinted at today turned out to be a load of nothing, so I'm gonna ignore it. Yay for having your own website! PS3 owners, you should now be able to how on PSN and begin downloading the Starhawk Beta, which is no longer in closed beta, and is now in wonderous, open beta! which means servers will be tested, balance changes will have a watchful eyes kept on them and, most importantly, means you can play that shit for free for a little while. The game has always looked awesome to me, if you don't know, Starhawk sees big multiplayer battles take place on the ground, in vehicles, in the air now, in space simultaneously. give it a go and let me know if it is, indeed, "the shit!"




Aion Will BeFree-To-Play After Next Update

Following in the footsteps of, well, almost every MMO beside SWToR and WoW, aion will be moving to a free-to-play model when the game updates to it's next version, version 3.0, which brings with it an increased level cap, houses, zones, mounts and new raids. As a guy who likes free things I think I'll actually end up sinking some time into this, and try roping my mates in aswell. Chumps! Muahaha!

Flying in an MMO! Squee! It'll be like Star Trek: Online but with feathers instead of nacells!



Borderlands 2 Dropping September 18th

I'm. Just. So. Happy. Trailer. *shed a joy tear*



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