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Daily News - 24th February 2012 - Killzone 3 Free Trial, Huge Battlefield 3 Patch and Blizzard Making A Free-To-Play Game

Killzone 3 Free Multiplayer Trial Will Be Available To All Next Week

Following on from MAG, which had a free multiplayer trial for Playstation Plus users, Sony are doing the same thing with Killzone 3, only better as it will be available to everyone. The trial will act as a demo, with an undisclosed level cap. It will be a free app on the PSN store, and will include all of the game's maps. If you want to, you can also buy just the game's multiplayer mode for probably between £10-15. You lucky Playstationers, you!

You lucky, lucky Playstation owners! Free shit!


Massive Battlefield 3 Patch On The Way

There are SO many changes coming to Battlefield 3 I can't even come close to explaining them all! From things such as flares no distracting laser-guided missiles, to fixing scopes that didn't always work on all weapons, the changelog is frigging ridiculous! Go and have a look, and a nice 2 minute scroll downwards.

Battlefield 3 - Next Patch Changelog (so far)

I forgot how much I love looking at Battlefield 3 screenshots!



Blizzard Working On Secret Free-To-Play Game

We know nothing about it yet, other than it's price, but i'm already excited. Blizzard say that the development on the game represents a fundamental shift in their marketing mentality for the long term future, which means we'll be seeing free-to-play games with micro-transactions coming from the company in the future (with their subscription-based games not going anywhere, obviously). Blizzard have dabbled in this before, basically offering WoW as f2p until level 20 and Starcraft 2 for free as long as you only play Terran... though why would you ever WANT to play Terran? Pffffffft.




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