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Trailer Round-Up + Daily News - 27th February 2012 - Pokemon Black + White 2; and Borderlands 2 and Operation Raccoon City Trailers

Nintendo Announce Pokemon Black And White 2

Baffling, I know, but there it is. The games will launch in the fall and will, so far, only feature one new Pokemon (predictably a new dragon-type). Nintendo gave out no solid details but did say to anticipate plenty of new surprises.... I choose not to believe them. They'll still be on the DS, so no 3D Pokemon for probably a few years yet.

Is it me, or are these "legendary" Pokemon the least original looking?


Borderlands 2 - Heavy Drop Edition

The best trailer ever? Very few trailers get me quite as pumped as this one does. Epic.



Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City - Kick Zombie Face

I can't tell if this looks crap or not, but still, here's 90 seconds of neck stabbing, face stomping, bowel shooting trailer.



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