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Daily News - 29th February 2012 - Amalur DLC, Borderlands 2 PC, A New Baldur's Gate? And more!

Kingdoms Of Amalur DLC Will Indeed Be Story Related... And Apparently Massive

I played a good few hours of Kingdoms Of Amalur and, well, I couldn't have been less interested to be honest. Not everyone felt the same as me though, and I have to hand it to 38 Studios, because they know how to make their fans happy. The first DLC for Amalur will be one of the bigger DLCs I've ever heard about. The DLC takes place on a new island and is called The Legend Of Dead Kel. It'll expand the world size by 15%, contains loads of new items, quests, characters and enemies, aswell as a huge estate for your character to live in, which will also bring with it plenty of new quests and places to explore. You can expect the DLC for 800 Microsoft Points (just over £6) on March 20th. Enjoy!

Clever EA PR guy that doesn't exist: "Amalur you into buying this DLC!". Sneaky one, EA guy!



Large Layoffs At Blizzard

Blizzard are set to layoff around 600 employees in the near future, to keep it's employee base in line with the actual needs of the company. I appreciate that you don't want to spend money when you don't need to, but it's never good news to hear about so many company layoffs, especially at a game studio that does such a good job as the fine people at Blizzard. I expect they'll find work relatively quickly though, Blizzard don't hire schmucks.

I typed 'Blizzard game' into Google and got this... S'good!



Borderlands 2 PC Version Will Use Steamworks

Ahh, Borderlands 2. You released that epic trailer and now you have my full attention. Unfortunately for me my laptop will not be able to run you, so I won't get to take full advantage of today's announcement that the game will utilize Steamworks, which means instant updates, Steam Achievements, DLC and cloud storage. Good news about Borderlands 2 is any news about Borderlands 2.

Already this one screenshot has about 10 reasons to get excited



Pac-Man TV Series On the Way For Nobody To Watch

On Disney XD. Don't watch it.

Oh just fuck off



New Baldur's Gate Game? Bioware Sure Want You To Think So

My money's personally on a remake of the old games, but I shall leave you to make up your own mind, dear internet user.

New Baldur's Gate Website

"The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny, chaos will be sown by their passage." So sayeth the wise Alaundo

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