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Daily News - 3rd February 2012 - Team Fortress 2 Update, Trials Evolution and Bastion On Sale

'Top Secret' Team Fortress 2 Update Coming This Year

Valve have been very teasy today, and told us that we can expect "something brand new for 2012" in the game, and that it "isn't a hat" and "isn't a map", which isn't a huge amount of information, but from Valve, that's about all you can expect. My immediate guess was a new class or 2, but maybe that's a bit too big of an update? Any ideas of your own?

There's definitely room on either end for a new guy or 2!



Trials HD Sequel 'Evolution' Trailer Released

Trials HD is the most successful Xbox Live Arcade title of all time, (or atleast it was a few months ago when I looked for myself) so it's only logical that a sequel should arise eventually. What isn't logical though, is how you outdo a game that already did so much! The original was already pretty nuts; super difficult; and loads of fun but if this trailer is anything to go by, then Trials Evolution will blow it out of the water. Few reveal trailers that I've seen show off as much as this one does, and every single thing it shows off looks amazing! Enjoy it for yourself 1cm below this very sentence!



Public Service Announcement: Bastion Half-Price This Weekend On XBLA

Bastion is fucking awesome, and if you won't take my word for it, how about every single website, games magazine and game critic that played Bastion in any capacity? The game is almost universally loved by everyone that's played it (me included) and while I was late to the party, I don't regret waiting to buy the game, because for this week on XBLA it's only 600 Microsoft Points, an incredible bargain. Trust me when I say that Xbox owners, you definitely shouldn't be missing out on this deal, take the plunge and thank me later (maybe by entering the GameBanter competition!?)

Bastion on XBLA - 600 Points

To call Bastion merely stunning, is doing the title a disservice. Fantastic game!


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